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Bio Solutions Manufacturing Enters into Letter of Intent to Acquire Fuel Additive Manufacturer
Friday November 30, 6:00 am ET

Proposed Acquisition Would Help BSLM Achieve Its Goal of Decreased Global Reliance on Fossil Fuels and Boost Growth Potential for BSLM

LAS VEGAS--(BUSINESS WIRE)--Bio Solutions Manufacturing, Inc. announced today that it has entered into a letter of intent to acquire B&A International, Inc., a manufacturer of fuel efficiency products designed to help reduce global reliance on fossil fuels and promote a safer environment.

The proposed B&A acquisition should furnish the company with significant prospects for future growth. B&A International has been operational since 1994 and has fostered ties with both the United States government as well as those abroad. These relationships are exhibited in part by B&As receipt of a significant purchase order from a Chinese government agent valued at approximately $348,000.

Bringing fuel additive manufacturing capabilities in-house would allow Bio Solutions to optimize the quality of its own future B100 diesel formulations and also generate increased revenues through sales of fuel efficiency products to other manufacturers. With the United States government alone calling for 35 billion gallons of renewable and alternative fuels in 2017, the need for developers to enhance their fuel offerings is growing fast.

B&A Performance Products comply with all EPA, OSHA, DOT, and DOE program requirements. Furthermore, B&As proprietary technology has been registered by the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency and deemed substantially similar as gasoline for bulk treatment of motor fuels in the US.

B&A Internationals Complete Combustion Technology (CCT) allows producers of diesel fuel to reduce barriers to use of their products in competition with fossil fuels. CCT usage facilitates the implementation of a clean, efficient, and environmentally sound alternative fuel program year-round with minimal mineral fuel dependency with all domestic and renewable stock.

Until recently, issues concerning the use of bio fuels in cold weather climate, as well as gelling, and overall performance levels have limited its use. B&A CCT for Biodiesel addresses these issues and limits the need for the use of diesel fuels containing up to 20% biodiesel (B20). B&A CCT for Biodiesel prevents fuel-filters from becoming plugged with wax and residues while preventing gelling without the need to blend with mineral diesel fuel or jet fuel (kerosene).

Ethanol, the same kind of alcohol that people drink, while an oxygenate that can help cars to run cleaner is more expensive to make than CCT®, and must be used in higher concentrations as stated before (at a minimum of 10% by volume) while fuels blended with CCT will be able to provide a more efficient end product with a blend of less than 1% by volume.

Technical Specs on B&A Complete combustion Technology:

  • CCT is Ultra Low Sulfur Diesel (ULSD) Compliant
  • CCT effectively works with all diesel fuels, (ULSD, B-100, B20, Heating Oil)
  • CCT treats all types of biodiesel made from soybeans, vegetable oils or fats (yellow grease); as well Ultra Low Sulfur Diesel and Heating Oil
  • CCT prevents gelling in even B100 fuels in temperatures as low as -35°F, CCT will keep the fuel in its liquid form while engines are shutdown
  • Biodiesel treated with CCT will exceed the performance level of a B20 fuel blended with No. 1 diesel
  • CCT eliminates the need for blending with No. 1 diesel fuel or jet fuel (kerosene)
  • With the use of CCT the wear rate on equipment, fuel injectors and pumps that are associated with the use of No. 1 is drastically reduced
  • CCT enhances the lubricating properties of biodiesel to minimize wear and tear on internal parts and fuel system

About Bio Solutions Manufacturing, Inc.

Bio Solutions Manufacturing has developed microbiological products for waste bioremediation. The Companys products are currently used by many municipal collection systems and food service facilities in the United States. The Company's products have been approved by municipalities for use in food service facilities that produce waste products introduced into the municipal collection systems. The Companys products treat waste in an environmentally friendly and safe manner in compliance with Federal and State government standards.

The Company has developed a line of environmentally friendly cleaning products that include all-purpose cleaner, carpet cleaner, concrete and asphalt cleaner, and floor soap. In addition, the Company is developing a unique, patent-pending grease extractor to be used in conjunction with bioremediation solutions to extract desired oil and grease to be converted into value-added product, such as biodiesel fuel.

About B&A International, Inc.

B&A International, Inc. takes pride in being at the forefront of the Governments sales field since 1994. As suppliers of quality fuel products and other institutional needs to Federal and State Governments, B&A International, Inc. brings the expertise needed and the level of detail necessary to provide quality products to its institutional and commercial clients.

B&A Automotive Products is a product line that specializes in fuel efficient products that will revolutionize their respective industry by their environmental and ecological nature, while providing its customers with our stringent requirements of introducing only 100% US made products. B&A International, Inc. has introduced to government agencies thousands of products to-date, requiring a vast assortment of selling techniques and solutions required to accomplish each clients objectives. Clients range throughout North America and vary from the small municipal agencies to the largest of military bases and industrial facilities.

B&A International, Inc. is a long time supporter of the environmental movement. Its CEO has served as a key advisor to political figures and corporate executives across the country. These individuals include the secretaries of Energy and Transportation, the Administrator of the USEPA (and many of the EPA's regional offices), agencies throughout the City and County of Los Angeles, and the Los Angeles Unified School Districts OEHS.

B&As participation in the development of the National Clean Air Act led to some of the worlds most innovative regulatory standards. B&As CEO also helped to develop the California Clean Air Act, which resulted in strict and effective regional attainment plans for areas like the South Coast Air Quality Management District (SCAQMD).

Source: Bio Solutions Manufacturing, Inc.

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