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OPINION: The Global Warming Fraud Is Melting
December 07, 2009

By now, you doubtless know a dastardly hacker broke into the e-mail system at the Climate Research Unit at the University of East Anglia in Britain late last month, grabbing and making public more than 1,000 e-mails that expose how these "scientific experts," cited so often to confirm "man-made global warming," have been fudging their data, conspiring to remove global warming skeptics from the teams that "peer-review" their doctored data for publication, and advising each other to delete incriminating e-mails being sought under the public disclosure laws.

Wow. I'm about as shocked as Claude Rains' character when he found out there was gambling going on at Rick's Place in "Casablanca." Aren't you?

East Anglia is not some cowtown community college. The Climate Research Unit there is one of the world's four major collators and repositories of "global warming" piffle.

The next obvious question is why such great gray ladies of mainstream journalism as The New York Times and The Washington Post -- who are simply thrilled to publish memos and transcripts "which the authors intended to remain secret" when they tend to destroy the careers of people they hate, including Richard Nixon and any other nominal conservative -- now discover in themselves a curious reticence to further probe and play up the details of this story of government-funded chicanery and fraud.

Why? This is like asking why the Vatican's daily L'Osservatore Romano might play down new scholarly evidence that Jesus of Nazarus survived the crucifixion and lived out the rest of a peaceful life under an assumed name in some village on the Sea of Galilee, building fishing boats and raising a large brood with Mary Magdalene.

These mainstream "news" sources are hammering the final nails into their own coffins -- coffins crafted by a Bush-Obama Depression brought about by the very statist/socialist policies these newspapers have been promoting for 60 years, in company with the rise of that uncontrollable alternative news source, the Internet -- because they can't bring themselves to report this stuff, because they're all adherents of the Green Religion.

The cover-up is failing. On Monday, Penn State University announced it was launching an investigation into the academic conduct of Michael Mann, director of the school's Earth System "Science" Center, one of the exposed e-mailers. Tuesday, Phil Jones, the director of the Climatic Research Unit at the University of East Anglia, announced he would stand aside as director while his university conducts an investigation.

Others may trace the theological roots of the Green Religion, and give it a proper name. I content myself with summarizing its pernicious doctrines:

Mankind is evil. He pollutes Earth. Every other species may pee in the creek and drop its dung upon the ground, while modern man makes substantial and increasing efforts to treat his sewage so as not to poison those who live downstream. But citations of fact and logical argument have no place in a summary of the doctrines of a religion.

Reducing mankind's population to less than 1 percent of today's total would be a good first step toward restoring Earth to its proper, Eden-like condition, the Greens believe.

The free market has been an abomination, they insist, allowing a lucky few (those who pursue learning, develop their skills and talents, work hard, pool their capital, save and invest) to gather and enjoy more than their fair share of the world's wealth and resources.

The solution to all these inequities is government. Big, all-powerful, redistributive government. Take the Environmental Protection Agency.

There's good evidence industrial pollution was already being curbed by market pressures long before this gang of bureaucratic obstructionists got going. But even if we were to concede that the EPA played a major role in the environmental cleanup that's occurred in the past 70 years, there's the problem: The job is largely done.

Since no one can show how reducing sulfur dioxide emissions any further makes any economic sense, it's time for such agencies to congratulate themselves all 'round and close up shop, after setting up a few monitors to let us know if some new crisis should arise.

What? But government must grow always more powerful and more expensive, punishing greedy, rich capitalist polluters, seizing their wealth and transferring it to the "victim" classes! It must!

The obvious solution? Invent some new form of "pollutant," something invisible that no one previously thought of as a pollutant at all.

Carbon dioxide! It contributes to "global warming." That's the ticket! Evil industrial mankind is going to cause all life on Earth to fry on a griddle! Government needs vast new powers -- and whopping big new taxes on greedy industrialists -- to fight this new scourge!

Only a nation where the vast majority of children are now turned over to the government for 12 to 16 years of brainwashing could hope to pull off such a mass carny stunt.

Earth has been cooling for a decade. If it were to warm a bit, that would be a good thing, allowing us to produce more food. Back when it was warming, there's no evidence that any activity of mankind had anything to do with it.

It's still a tough world. Many families again struggle to feed their children. Nuclear weapons will be used again. Placing antibiotics in chicken feed to fatten up the pullets is going to breed new disease germs immune to most of our medicines. You want real trouble? It's coming. So further crippling our economies and our technological growth at this juncture, to stave off a thoroughly fictional "climate disaster," is unwise.

Those who wish to adhere to the Green religion have every right to believe this pathetic twaddle. But they have no right to propagandize other people's children in such sublime idiocy at taxpayer expense, and they certainly have no right to impose these beliefs and doctrines upon us under coercion and threat of force by erecting government offices for that purpose. This constitutes the state "establishment" of the Green Religion, strictly and properly forbidden by the First Amendment to the Constitution.

We tolerated this balderdash when we felt wealthy enough to shrug it off, but these arrogant twits have taken it too far. Now the pendulum starts back the other way. And it's a hard rain gonna fall.

Source: Las Vegas Review-Journal

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