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Remove Holiday Carpet Stains - And Never Have Them Come Back
Tuesday January 2, 6:00 am ET

SPOT CHOMP!(R) With Tetraflex(TM)Gets Out Tough Stains and Adds Stain Resistance BATAVIA, IL--(MARKET WIRE)--Jan 2, 2007 -- "Eat, drink and be merry" is the mantra of the holiday season. But as every host of holiday parties knows, all that eating, drinking and being merry usually results in nasty carpet stains. Even if the stains come out, all too often they come right back -- sometimes bigger than before! For anyone who is fed up with the never-ending staining and cleaning cycle, Environmental Solutions International (ESI) has some good news: SPOT CHOMP!® with Tetraflex(TM) spray foam removes stubborn stains other products can't -- and prevents them from ever coming back.

Unlike conventional cleaners, which rely on harsh solvents and surfactants to clean soiled carpet, SPOT CHOMP!® contains a unique patent pending polymer called Tetraflex that embrittles -- or makes brittle -- stains. SPOT CHOMP!®'s low-moisture power foam with Tetraflex lifts and wicks soils away from carpets, so stains can easily be vacuumed up. SPOT CHOMP!® with Tetraflex also keeps stains from coming back.

Why do stains come back after they've been removed? The answer is that it's not the same stain. Conventional carpet cleaners strip the factory-applied stain protectant from carpets, leaving them more vulnerable to new stains. They leave a tacky detergent residue that attracts new soils -- thus the appearance of stains coming back.

SPOT CHOMP!® gets results while maintaining the quality and life of all kinds of carpet. It's pH-neutral and leaves the factory-applied carpet protectant. Most carpet cleaning products destroy the carpet backing with their use of harsh solvents to solubilize dirt and stains. SPOT CHOMP!®'s unique and powerful foam effectively soaks and lifts dirt and doesn't saturate the carpet's backing or delaminate the surface. This unique feature has made SPOT CHOMP!® the first consumer product to receive the Seal of Approval from the Carpet and Rug Institute.

SPOT CHOMP!® dries completely, leaves no tacky residue and doesn't attract new dirt and soil. Stains come out and are gone forever. It cleans, prevents re-soiling and adds stain resistance -- without the use of toxic chemicals used in conventional cleaners.

Source: Environmental Solutions International

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