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CTTD in Final Stages for Purchase of Rights to New Chlorine-Free Fertilizer Production Process
Monday July 16, 11:00 am ET

LONDON, July 16 /PRNewswire/ -- CO2 Tech President, Ms. Helga Schotten, today announced that CO2 Tech is in the final negotiation stages for the purchase rights to a new chlorine-free fertilizer production process that is expected to revolutionize the global PVC industry and create significant energy savings.

Today, the chlor-alkali sector is the largest user of electricity in the chemical industry. To produce industrial chlorine, a strong electrical current is passed through a brine solution (electrolysis), which explains why electricity represents as much as 70% of the variable cost of chlorine production. In 2005, an estimated 36 million megawatt-hours of electricity was used in Europe to produce 10.23 million tons of chlorine. Over one third of all produced chlorine is consumed by the VCM/PVC industry.

An innovative fertilizer production process offers a solution to the enormous needs of energy and HCI of the PVC industry. In contrast to the current energy-intensive Manheim process used to produce HCI, the new fertilization process produces pure potassium sulfate. Its by-product is anhydrous HCI that can be used directly for VCM production and reduces/eliminates the usage of chlorine in PVC production.

The new fertilizer promises to capture the fertilizer market as recognition of the need for supplemental sulfur in crop production gains recognition. Potassium sulfate is an excellent source of K and S for plants, and boasts the lowest salt index of conventional potash fertilizers. Potassium sulfate is also preferred for chlorine-sensitive crops such as potatoes, canola, tomatoes, clover, peas, beans, oats, wheat, alfalfa, tobacco, cool season grasses, ornamental plants, etc. The current potassium sulfate market is estimated at 5 million tons per year (over $1 billion). Thanks to the innovative energy-saving process, product price is expected to drop by 20% and double market demand to 10 million tons annually.

In addition to pure potassium sulfate, the new energy-saving fertilizer production process produces anhydrous HCI, which can be used directly for VCM (C2H3Cl ) production.

"The new process offers an outstanding advantage over current HCI production, known as the Manheim process, which is an extremely energy- intensive process that results in impure anhydrous HCI and can be used as an input in the PVC industry only after undergoing an additional process and additional energy inputs. The new process will make a meaningful contribution to energy savings in the PVC industry," says Helga Schotten, President of CO2 Tech.

About CO2 Tech

CO2 Tech, a UK-based company, provides cutting-edge, sophisticated anti- global warming technologies along with a full range of environmental products and services to businesses, industries and governments. CO2 Tech's innovative approach provides high quality, maintenance-friendly system solutions that combine cutting-edge technological developments with outstanding reliability. CO2 Tech has extensive first hand experience with all major air pollution control equipment including air pollution control systems, removal of fine solid particles from gas/air units, evaporator units, reduced CO2 emission units.

CO2 Tech offers its customers the benefits of its cutting-edge technological products, proprietary innovations and rich experience in industrial applications of control equipment, with petroleum, factories, mining, metals, boilers, glass, chemicals, woodworking, quarries, textiles and most other heavy industries. CO2 Tech fosters strong partnerships and alliances with leading environmental engineering companies and research institutions worldwide to develop, manufacture and market high-quality instruments, systems, and services for its clients.

Source: CO2 Tech

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