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Continental USA including TX,NC,VA,LA,TN,AL,SC,FL,OH,IL

Search Enterprises has multiple openings at various levels in engineering and management across the US, and these positions change daily. A relationship with us will be beneficial no matter how small your geographic target area or how specific your position requirements may be. We are always looking for candidates with credentials and experience in Process Engineering, Project Engineering, Production Engineering, Operations & Engineering Management, PSM, and Process Design. Many of these positions are ideal for engineers who are seeking an opportunity to move up in an organization. Contact us so we know who you are when the right position comes available with one of our clients.

Having specialized in technical and management positions within the Chemical, Petrochemical, Refining and Pharmaceutical Industries since 1977, we have many clients who do not advertise their needs and utilize SEI to source and qualify candidates. A tribute to anyone in our field is the ability to survive recessions and the dynamics of economic and technological change. Search Enterprises has done that for more than 40 years!

We DO NOT make any contacts with your resume until you give us the go-ahead based on position descriptions that we provide you, nor are we a member of any 'sharing' organization. Your resume is safe with us until you give us the 'go-ahead' to make a contact. So let's hear from you, and one of our professionals will give you a call to discuss your career and what we can or cannot do. Search Enterprises maintains offices in Chicago, Florida, North Carolina and Tennessee.

Chemical Engineering degree and experience in the Chemical, Petrochemical, Refining, Pharmaceutical, or related industries. Position scopes vary, so please get in touch to see what there may be for you.

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