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Joliet, IL

This role is responsible for the reliable operation of a production unit in a team-based environment, including safety aspects, environmental aspects, and chemical manufacturing:
Ensures Business Line, Operations and Supply Chain are fully coordinated.
Converts Business Plan to daily operations plan.
Provides technical expertise in the daily operations of the unit.
Assists Operators in resolving gaps between production and the plan.
Analyzes and allocates production losses.
Works with the Improvement Engineer to ensure operating plan and reliability issues are coordinated.
Accountable for creation of the PPM plan and its effects on the business, safety, and environmental concerns.
Maintains data integrity of production loss accounting database and manages MAC values and calculations.
Emphasis also includes customer satisfaction, product quality, production rates, and schedule in a JIT setting. Daily activity optimization to increase Unit rate and utilization.
Meeting budgets and maintaining the correct variable and fixed cost elements for products manufactured in the unit. This includes correct raw material usage ratios, minimizing scrap, controlling the cost of quality (scrap, rework, recycle, man hours, etc.), manpower allocations, overtime and others.
Utilizing understanding of customer ‘critical to success factors’ for betterment of AN & customers.
Daily reconciliation of production using tools in SAP.
Development of technical competencies among team members.
Maintenance of this PSM unit through the Maintenance Team; optimizing utilization (on-stream) with due consideration of safety, reliability and customer requirements.
Ensuring high quality and customer satisfaction for products, through systemization, training, and processes in the unit.
Continual improvement of products and processes; strong quality orientation.
Integration of new projects, production methods, equipment, and work processes in a unit largely controlled by DCS.
Contribute to an effective KPI and metrics process for Process Safety. Provide insights regarding quantitative and qualitative developments by means of periodical and ad hoc reports and/or analyses for the site.
Build and maintain a network of in- and external stakeholders/partners and represent the site in Process Safety related matters.

BS Degree required; Chemical Engineering Degree preferred.
Minimum of two to five years chemical plant production experience.
Supervisory experience preferred.
Thorough understanding of unit operations, process equipment, and technology.
Thorough understanding of the sales and operations planning process; production system capabilities and limitations; and knowledge of the different conversion costs associated with product mix.
SAP production accounting experience, creating, closing, and production variance troubleshooting.
Understanding of Lean manufacturing and its applications preferred.
Ability to listen generously and practice open advocacy.
Ability to provide people the information to perform their assigned roles by spoken word.
Ability to give encouragement, guidance, and direction to others to improve performance.
Ability to use simple statistical tools: Microsoft Excel proficient.
Ability to collect relevant data, history trends, process information, RCA results, and other data to identify or troubleshoot process problems.
Ability to use in depth analysis and structured methodology to identify the true root causes of a situation or event.

NOTE: We have opportunities similar to this one with a number of Fortune 500 clients in the chemical, petrochemical, refining, and coatings/resins sectors. They/We are always looking for candidates with credentials and experience similar to the above. We have positions for engineers who are seeking an opportunity to move in operations, engineering, or production. So if the location or responsibilities of this position do not satisfy your present career desires, let us hear from you anyway, as other unadvertised positions may be of interest to you. We DO NOT contact our client companies on your behalf without your approval.

CAVEATS: Your experience must be as a direct employee of an operating chemical, refining, petrochemical, resins/coatings, or closely related industry. You must be a US Citizen or Permanent Resident, and you must reside in the USA.

Key Words: process engineer, chemical design engineer, chemical engineer, development engineer, controls engineer, instrumentation engineer, chemical engineering, process engineer, process control engineer, process development engineer, process controls engineer, instrumentation engineer, chemical engineering, process engineer, process control engineer, ChE, petrochemical, refinery, oil and gas, pharmaceutical, process plant, operations, maintenance.

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