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Winston-Salem, NC

OVERVIEW: This position is responsible for the process technology, the technology transfer of processes from R&D to the plant, process reliability and repeatability, product yield and quality, equipment design, process safety, process control, and documentation. This position is responsible for technology documentation, corrective actions, and capital projects.

Coordinate technology transfer from the R&D Department to manufacturing.
Write and maintain batch procedures.
Investigate and plan corrective actions for equipment problems and process bottlenecks.
Apply statistical techniques in order to improve, track, investigate quality problems, and meet customer requirements.
Assist in investigating and identifying the root cause of customer complaints.
Work with operations, quality control, and R&D departments to improve the quality and consistency of products.
Participate in PHA's and HAZOP studies.
Manage various projects as assigned.
Assist with annual maintenance shutdown as required.
Conduct a continuous search of new materials, processes, and procedures to enhance and improve the process, quality, and manufacturing cost.

Degree in Chemistry or Chemical Engineering.
Experience in manufacturing or comparable experience in the chemical processing industry.
Professional Engineering License or Fundamentals of Engineering Certification preferred.
Experience with batch processing preferred.
Experience with DCS.
Experience with Capital Project Management preferred.
Experience in processes using highly hazardous chemicals preferred.
Experience designing chemical processes or project management desired.
Strong organizational skills; ability to manage many tasks or projects in a fast-moving environment.
Capable of independent action; takes initiative.
High-level of proficiency in Excel, Word, PowerPoint.

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