Greensboro, NC

SUMMARY: The Process Engineer is responsible for the process technology, the technology transfer of processes from R&D to the plant, process reliability and repeatability, product yield and quality, equipment design, process safety, process control and documentation. Responsible for technology documentation, corrective action, and minor capital projects initiated by the department.

Responsible for following all of the ISO/RC procedures in regards to PSM, Process Control, and Documentation.
Coordinate technology transfer from the R&D labs to manufacturing.
Write and maintain batch procedures.
Investigate and plan corrective action for nonconforming products.
Investigate and plan corrective action for equipment problems and bottlenecks.
Apply statistical techniques in order to improve, track, investigate quality problems, and meet customer requirements.
Investigate root cause of customer complaints if required.
Work with operations, quality control, and technology departments to improve the quality of products.
Participate in PHAs and HAZOP studies.
Maintain data necessary to measure plant capacities. Areas of focus include production history, safety, quality, material inventories, maintenance, trouble reporting, and training.
Analyze data and identify specific actions that will improve plant capacities.
Coordinate various projects as assigned.
Assist with Annual Maintenance Shutdown.

Conduct a continuous search of new materials, process, and procedures to enhance and improve the process, quality, and manufacturing cost.
Assist maintenance as required on production equipment problems and/or replacement.
Follow PSM program requirements for implementation of process, product, raw material and equipment changes.
Attend external or internal training classes, courses, or seminars as required.
Attend meetings as required.

This position reports to the Engineering Manager. This position does not supervise other employees.
This position is not responsible for the management of a budget.

Degree in Chemical Engineering or equivalent.
Experience in manufacturing or comparable experience in the chemical processing industry preferred.
Strong ability to identify problems, root cause, and preventive measures.
In-depth knowledge and understanding of chemistry, chemical processes, and associated hazards.
Knowledge of plant utilities systems including their operation, troubleshooting, and maintenance.
Thorough knowledge of chemical process industry unit operations.
Thorough knowledge of automated process control systems and configuration.
Ability to interpret CAD drawings and P&ID’s.
Experience using Microsoft Office Tools: Excel, Word, PowerPoint.
Experience in utilizing preventive and predictive maintenance programs.
Experience utilizing DCS for automation control.
Able to develop a system for accomplishing multiple tasks in as efficient manner as possible.
Willingness to take ownership and pride in results of work.
Good oral and written communication skills.
Able to make effective presentations to diverse groups.
Able to work as part of a team.
Understand applicable rules and regulations.
Knowledge of and ability to provide up-to-date technological advances to manufacturing personnel.
Organize projects or teams throughout a department/company to accomplish changes and improvements.
Interpersonal, computer, organization, supervisory and mathematical skills.
Team oriented, enthusiastic and have a positive attitude.
Be able to handle multiple tasks simultaneously and prioritize workload.

Experience with batch processing.
Experience in processes using highly hazardous chemicals.
Experience in PSM covered processes and the requirements.
Professional Engineering License or Fundamentals of Engineering Certification.