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Continental USA including TX,LA,AL,IL,GA,OH,FL,NC,NJ,VA,MI,MO

Search Enterprises is currently recruiting for many top management positions with various clients. These positions include Director of Manufacturing, Plant Manager, Operations Manager, Production Manager, Maintenance and Reliability Manager, Corporate Project Engineering Manager, Process Engineering Manager, and Plant Engineering Manager. We need leaders, as all teams need leadership. We know where the jobs are so if you are even thinking of a change contact us and we will be happy to provide you more details.

Having specialized in Engineering, Maintenance and Management positions within the Chemical, Petrochemical, Refining and Pharmaceutical industries since 1977, we have many clients who do not advertise for their needs, and utilize SEI as an extension of their HR function to screen and qualify candidates for their needs. Though most of our work is recruiting qualified candidates directly for positions, we will include qualified ad responses as a potential source for our clients. A tribute to anyone in our field is the ability to survive economic set-backs, recessions, and changes in our industries, and Search Enterprises has done just that for over 45 years. A relationship with us will be beneficial to you no matter how small your geographic target area may be or narrow your position requirements are, and there is no cost to you. We can't help you if we don't know who you are, so contact us now.

To qualify for any of these you need a Chemical Engineering, Mechanical Engineering, Electrical Engineering, or related Engineering degree and experience in the Chemical, Petrochemical, Refining, or related industries. Candidates need 7+ years experience, depending on the position desired. Position scopes vary, so please get in touch to see what there may be for you.

Confidentiality is our middle name! We DO NOT make any contacts with your resume until you give us the go-ahead based on position descriptions that we provide you, nor are we a member of any 'sharing' organization! Your resume is safe with us!

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