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Houston, TX

PURPOSE: Develops, scales, and aids commissioning of new industrial processes and new process plant and equipment designs or modifies and improves existing ones to support efficient, at-scale production.

The Process Engineer works closely with Process Chemists and Production and Design Engineers in cross-disciplinary teams to ensure that process plants are set up to provide maximum output levels from and efficient running of the respective production facilities:
Leads development, scale-up, and implementation of new processes and products or de-bottlenecking of existing processes, equipment, and their configurations to support company growth.
Works with Process Chemists from lab scale proof-of-concept to pilot demonstrations for reliable scaling data gathering; develops Process Safety Information & Technical Packages to support design, build, and scaleup.
Works with Design Engineers to develop, specify, and complete equipment configurations and installations on-time; considers employed materials, operating windows, desired product ranges, and relevant process technologies within appropriate regulatory, quality, and economic considerations.
Initiates and/or champions MOC design reviews and addresses Action Items; supports EH&S and PSM compliance/improvement needs for the plant.
Assists Operations in commissioning and validating new processes and plants for target product ranges and efficiencies; includes developing in-process metrics, monitoring run progress, and troubleshooting.
Evaluates process feasibility/fit, make versus buy cost, and COGs determinations and recommends insourcing (internal) or outsourcing (tolling), the latter of which may require travel.
Matches fitness-for-use requirements to process measurements and set points; assists Quality in ensuring target product levels are sustained in production.
Evaluates process and product variation data and identifies quality improvement opportunities using trended data, or simulation and statistical SPC tools.
Assesses process development, plant reconfiguration, or expansion options by developing and testing process simulation models; propose quantifiable/scope of value add versus cost tradeoffs for justification.
Ensures relevant safety and efficiency considerations related to the project operator, the environment, the process, and the product(s) are considered, documented, and communicated for all stages.
Identify gaps and mitigate historical issues is key.

Degree in Chemical Engineering with experience in a chemical/petrochemical manufacturing environment.
Independent management of projects >$250M.
Requires good oral and written communication and time management skills. Solid communication skills. You will be interacting with Operators, Production Manager and VP of Operations.
Proven track record of successful process scale-up and implementation in a chemical manufacturing plant.
Highly proficient with chemical manufacturing unit equipment operation and equipment & process trouble shooting.
Capable of leading process incident RCAs and addressing assigned Corrective Actions and PHA Recommendation Items.
Practical knowledge of DCS and PLC plant control systems and their programming to support manufacturing needs is highly desirable.
PSM experience is a must.
Must have at least 3 years at a facility supporting a unit/leading a unit.

CAVEAT: Your experience must be as a direct employee of an operating chemical, petrochemical, refining, or closely related industry. You must be a US Citizen or Permanent Resident, and you must reside in the USA.

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